Monday, August 17, 2009

No display and no hardware functions

If you are newbies with this problem, I'm sure this will stuck your head and make you sick as you sitting in front of the monitor with not functioning at all. This guide will help you solve this simple problem. Most of it comes from a memory problem, system RAM (your computer's memory located inside to your computer's casing) act its important role in the system, these are the responsible for everything's working on (to the chip sets, processor and hardware ..etc.). As you boot up your PC, if you encounter of no display in your monitor, no lights up with your mouse and keyboard, no sounding beeps and only your CPU fan has a power,probably this can be the solution for that. If you are using two memories in your PC, try to test each one of them.
1. Open your case and carefully unlock the knot in your memory and move them from the slot.
2. Either of the two memories you have, put one to its slot and boot your PC
3. Same procedure with the another memory.
4. As what you noticed, if there's no changes for every memory test, make a conclusion that both your memory is defective.
5. Time to buy a new one. Make it sure to buy the same model of memory.

This is based of my experience, I hope this little idea can help you. Good luck.

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